Ente Malayalam '19

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Our church’s Malayalam Learning Class for kids in association with St Thomas Yuvajana Sakhyam happened from 7th to 14th June at St Thomas center as scheduled. In this 1 week program,60 students participated which were divided into 7 classes. Different classes & sessions were handled by of our church members.

The 7 classes were given the Malayalam names of days of a week. During this 1 week our kids studied Malayalam songs, alphabets, words & small sentences.The different theme for these days were Day 1-“PRAKRITHI”.Day 2- “BHOOPRAKRITHI”. Day 3-“KARSHIKARANGAM”. Day 4 – “VINODHASANCHARAM”. DAY 5- “NETHAKKAL”. DAY 6- “KALAROOPANGAL”. Students showcased their artistic skills by different drawings, paintings & writings about these topics which was exhibited in the church.

Final day was celebrated as “KERALA DAY” in where kids & teachers came in their traditional Kerala dress. Also they were served with a special Kerala Sadhya on the banana leaf. The delicious lunch was followed with different cultural programs like Nadodi Ganam, Vaakuporu, Vallam Kalli etc.

All the students& teachers participated were felicitated with certificates.