Best Parish Award-2020-2021

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 Chennai-Banglore Diocese consecutively declared  Our Edavaka as the" Best Parish"  Award for the Financial year 2020-2021 for the fulfilment even during the challenging situations for continuing God's Mission in spite of the current pandemic covid-19 through various activities of Diocese, DDFContribution, wholeheartedly  acknowledge mission activities participation, leadership, commitment and initiative.

From Left to Right- Mr.Jiji Mathew George- Assembly Member,Mr. Santhosh Varghese-Parish Secretary,Mr.Arun John Koshy-Trustee Accountant,Mr.Shibu Cherian-Vice President,Mr.Abraham Mathew P-Trustee Finance, Vicar-Rev. Jiji Mathew,Mr.Jose Baby Simon-Lay Ministrant and Mr.John Varghese -Assembly  Member.