Vicars Message

Greetings to you all in the name of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Wishing you all a blessed Easter experience.As we all know that the world is going through a traumatic and painful situations, what can we look forward too at such situations?.,Hebrews 13:8 says ''Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever''. Thus Easter is a reminder and encouragement that Christ continues to love and care for the whole world, overcoming death with life , conquering fear with faith and uncertainty with hope. As we reflect upon the Gospel according to John 20, Mary Magdalene finds the Empty Tomb what it means to us. After Jesus was crucified, even his disciples were afraid and they literally locked themselves behind the doors , Yet here we find an ordinary women who is taking a bold step forward to go out to the tomb of Jesus. They simply wanted to anoint the body of Christ with precious spies , it was a sign of their commitment. Yet moving out of their home was not an easy task , but out of their love and commitment towards the Lord they gathered the strength to move ahead with Christ's Power .Secondly the Empty Tomb brings out the truth that our Christ is a living God. Jesus has destroyed the power of death and darkness which has crippled the humanity from the very beginning of creation..Our Jesus is a Victorious God, thus now we also can address the factors of sins which cripple us through the victorious power of Resurrected Christ. Thirdly Christ ordains Mary Magdalene with the task of Spreading the good news about His resurrection. The women were the ostracized lot, Yet Christ ordains them to this task, because He knew that they would witness powerfully. Let this Easter experience enlighten our minds to serve the Lord Jesus faithfully.

We thank God for the wonderful VBS which oriented our children spiritually, led by Mr. Jiby Thomas (Mumbai) and the graceful Lenten Season Prayers which has strengthened our spiritual life. All Glory to God for providing us the apt venue for conducting our prayers at 
the Holy Week and the VBS.

We would be celebrating our 17th Parish day on 5th April, our diocesan episcopa Rt. Rev.Dr. Gregorios Mar Stephanos will grace the Celebration. It's an occasion to thank God for all the providence that we experienced throughout these years. From the inception of our Church , God has faithfully guided and lead us in His path and plan. Let us humbly remember the services of all our beloved Achens and lay leaders who contributed towards the spiritual growth of our Church. Let us resolve to move ahead with spiritual vision and prayers to accomplish Gods Will and to be a source of blessings to many. 

With love and Prayers

Binu Achen.

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