Lay Training Institute
2019-06-07 06:08:21

2019-2020 Lay training Classes held on May 25th&26th at St…

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The Yuvajana Sakhyam Activity Inaguration
2019-06-01 12:37:00

The Yuvajana Sakhyam Activity inaguration(2019-20) done by Rev.Shibu Kochunnoonny on…

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Parish Leaders Retreat 2019
2019-06-01 12:33:55

Rev Jiji Mathew led the leaders retreat held at St Thomas…

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Reception to New Vicar Rev.Jiji Mathew
2019-06-01 12:37:20

Our new Vicar Rev.Jiji Mathew received a very warm welcome…

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Farewell to Rev Bobby Mathew & Family
2019-05-31 04:32:20

St. Thomas Family gave an emotion filled farewell to Bobby…

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12th Parish Day
2019-05-31 04:34:07

12th Edavaka Dinam was celebrated at St. Thomas Centre (Church…

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St Thomas Yuvajana Sakhyam secure second place in the centre Kalamela
2019-05-02 11:13:42

St. Thomas Yuvajana Sakhyam won Second place in the Centre…

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St Thomas Sevika Sangam won the Ever rolling trophy in Centre Kalamela
2019-05-02 11:06:50

St. Thomas Sevika Sanghom won the Ever Rolling Trophy in…

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Farewell to Mr. Deepu Thomas Philip & Family
2019-05-01 12:34:49

On 12th April; after the worship service, St Thomas family…

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Dedication of Newly Elected Office Bearers
2019-04-10 11:54:07

The dedication cermony of newly elected office bearers for 2019-20…

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V.B.S 2019
2019-04-11 10:37:45

Blessing and glory and wisdom, thanksgiving and honor and power…

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Farewell to Outgoing Vicars
2019-04-10 09:16:40

Parish arranged farewell to the outgoing Vicars, Rev. Prince Korah…

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Counselling Program
2019-04-13 10:58:20

Under the banner of Kuwait Centre Mar Thoma Joint Fellowship…

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