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Beloved in Christ,


The conscience of every Malayalee is rudely shaken by the news of the tragic end of Vismaya. A young, vivacious lady as she was, Vismaya became a victim to the inhuman and brutal treatment of her husband over the question of dowry.

This is not an isolated incident. Recently we heard about the son of a late film star, who was accused in a similar case of dowry death of his wife.

Another shocking news is about the psychological tensions of our younger generation. As per the ‘Madhyamam’ news paper, around twenty three percent of our children are going through some sort of psychological problem due to the Covid pandemic. Many of them develop suicidal tendencies also. They are not able to fulfill the dreams about their education, job and so on.

At this very crucial juncture we have a serious role to play in helping them face the situation.

we should conduct some counselling sessions for them with the help of experts in this field.

With this in mind, our parish is organising two counselling sessions for our parishioners and others, on the 21st and 22nd of July,2021.

Sr. Jovan Chungapura, Director and Principal of TRADA, Kottayam, an acknowledged authority on counselling, will lead these sessions. Further details are provided in this Messenger. Kindly make use of this very important programme. Our Sunday School and Yuvajana Sakhyam shall not miss this golden opportunity.

Secondly, it is equally important to provide maximum fellowship to our youngsters. I request the parents to keep a vigil on the behaviour and conduct of their children. If any thing unusual is noticed address it very calmly and psychologically.

Our young children are under tremendous pressure from the social media. They are watching everything virtually, not in reality. Because of this they are likely to face huge disappointments in the practical life.

Last but not the least, we should submit all these problems into God’s hands. Our merciful God will answer our earnest and sincere prayers.

Thanking you

Yours lovingly

Jiji Achen

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