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Brothers and Sisters in Christ, When do we say a commodity is good? While the intention of its production gets fulfilled we can say that the commodity is good.
When a clock shows the right time we say it is a good clock.The main purpose of a clock is to show the exact timings and the one which is not doing it is worthy to be relegated as a show piece only; a time-piece getting downgraded as a show piece!

What is the purpose of the creation of human beings?What is God’s intention about him/her on earth?Is the creator’s intention fulfilled by the created? If only the answer to this question is found out ,we will be able to focus on the purpose of our life. Can we say a human being has achieved the purpose of his
life just because he has amassed wealth, attained positions or led a luxurious life? Are these enough for a life to be qualified as a purposeful life ?

One of the masterpieces of Michael Angelo is “Piyatho”. He had an intention in creating that sculpture. He continued to work on it relentlessly until his intention was achieved and final goal attained. As a result, generations still regard Michael Angelo as a master and his classic as master piece.

Doing the will of God is the fulfilment of human beings. God has a goal for each creation. The creation secures its fullness by reaching the goal of the creator. All creations are expected to glorify the creator God. How do we glorify God? Christ answered this question in simple language. “In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven”. Through our good deeds we glorify God.

The most beautiful moments in our life are the moments we spend with God. Spending time with God is not only spending time in the church, the services we do for the needy out of divine love is also considered as time spent with God. As Jesus Christ once said “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.” This is the real commitment out of divine love. It involves helping others without selfishness, self-interest, and profit motives, thereby adding sweetness all around.

In the Church Calendar, August 01st to 15th is celebrated as “15 days Lent”. This is also known as the “Feasts of the Saints for 15 days”. Lents are observed with special time for meditation and devotion. Lents focus on the different aspects of the life of Christ in this world. It is the collective celebration of the church. The Lent is an affirmation of eternal life over this material life. Lent is accompanied by fasting.

We are meditating on various themes in August. Mission from every one to everywhere- Mission Sunday on 4th, Holy Baptism: Born from above is on Sunday 11th, Reformation Day, Authority of the word of God on Sunday 18th and on 25th Sunday Holy Qurbana : Celebration of Salvation. May these meditations help each one of us to rebuild or reconstruct our spiritual and ecclesiastical life. During the months of June, July and early part of August many of our parish members have been travelling to Kerala on vacation. Praying for their safe and happy return.

The cost of publishing the Messenger is 45 KD per month but many copies are left in the church without being read by many members. Kindly honour the efforts behind its publication by possessing a copy and reading it. I specially call up on the prayer group secretaries and office-bearers to take initiative to distribute the Messenger among our parish members.

May our good God help all of us to lead a worthy and meaningful Christian life in the present world.

Yours in His service
Rev. Jiji Mathew

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