Vicars Message

Beloved in Christ,

I would like to start this letter with a quote from the famous Missiological writer Rick warren. “If we prayed as much as we worried, we have a lot less to worry about. Give God your worries”

In the year 2020, we faced the devastating pandemic called Covid-19. Many times people had to undergo lock downs all over the world. The boundaries of the countries were blocked many times.

We entered this year with a variant of the same virus which is 70 percent more infectious. Like Rick Warren stated let us leave everything under God’s control. “Anything under God’s control is never out of control.” We have many limitations but our Great God has no limitations and He is controlling everything. A poem reminds us “I have got plenty of nothing, but I have got my Lord’. So with faith and great expectation in God let us enter into the New Year.

Three more months remain in this financial year. Therefore, my appeal to you is:

1. Pray for our Chennai-Bangalore Diocese and our mission activities. Due to Covid -19 our Diocese is facing financial difficulties. Help our Diocese by sponsoring the children and Evangelists of our mission field. (DDF)

2. Pray for the Covid-19 affected people in Kuwait. This year we are supporting the Corona affected people through St. Thomas Fest-2021. Kindly buy minimum 20 kd coupon for the same. If any of our parish member faces financial difficulty to his/her home in India, kindly contact me, our parish will meet one way ticket fare.

Hope you will consider my appeal and act positively. Wishing you a Happy and prosperous ‘NEW YEAR’. May God bless you all!

Yours Lovingly
Jiji Achen

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