Vicars Message

Beloved in Christ,
It is indeed a great joy to greet you in the precious name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. As a Parish we are meditating this year the  theme “Parish- A Healing Community”. I request all of our organisations and our families to meditate on the above theme.

Our  Church and its local Parish like ours are considered as a healing community. We are called to stretch out our hands to the needy who are in various kinds of disabilities both physical and mental. How can we be a healing community?First of all, it is by taking care of our own parish members who are going through difficulties. The area prayer groups have a major role in this. The prayer group has to  identify the people who are in need.

Think of a family consisting of eight children.Their father died at the age of 49. The mother had to take care of the children single-handedly,within the meagre income of the family. One day for the breakfast, there was only one egg for all the 8 children. She boiled the egg and placed it at the middle of the breakfast table and wanted any one of them to take and eat it. But no one touched it. Then the mother came forward and divided the egg in to 8 equal pieces by using a thread and offered them who relished it happily.This might be quite an ordinary thing for us. But this ordinary thing happened in the family of the Late Dr.Alexander Mar Thoma Metropolitan who
wrote about it in his book, “Daiva Kripayude Thanalil”. Thirumeni was highlighting the meaning of sharing and fellowship.

Today we have enough resources but do we have that much of a sharing mentality? In the prayermeetings we sing songs, read Bible, listen to the word of God, and there will be one or two prayers followed by a sumptuous dinner. We call it fellowship. Yes, it  is fellowship, but this fellowship should lead us further for taking care of the needy who are beyond our small group.

Secondly through our ardent prayer we have to be a healing community. Church is the body of Christ and we are His organs. If any one of the organs is in pains it will be the pain of the whole body. The action of Faith is beyond our sight and expectations. If a community prays to God for the healing of a person, God will surely hear the prayer. Praying for another is not an easy thing;it involves our time, space and attention. This will make an ordinary Parish a healing Parish,prayer group a meaningful one. Thus a healing community of parish may include every one spiritually and physically and thereby strengthen them. Through our prayers and help we have to empower others.

Many of our Children from this parish are going for higher studies to India and other foreign countries. I request all the parents to connect them with their Mar Thoma Community or Students Chaplains. If you need any help kindly contact me. This Messenger includes names and contact numbers of some of our chaplains. On Sundays while you call your children don’t ask them about the food they eat or the dress they wear, ask them about their participation in the worship services. May God help our children to succeed in their studies and attain the very best that God has already planned for them.

May God bless you all
Jiji Achen

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