Vicars Message

Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ .

We have just started to feel the heat of the Summer Season, its often a time of transition. Our Children finished their academic years and started the new ones, often moving to new classes or colleges.It’s a time to review and to start a fresh with new dynamism and hard work, and aiming to reach the greater heights in life with the Lord Jesus. Also globally, 2024 is an election year where almost more than 60 countries will hold national elections. Though our focus remains in India , where already the election procedure have started. Let pray fervently for God’s blessings and intervention for an establishment of a Good government at the centre which works for the peace and betterment of all the sections of the society.Lets reflect on Acts 8: 26-40, here we find how God sends Philip to the wilderness road to Gaza. Often we don’t like to travel on road that is less travelled. Here we find an Ethiopian Eunuch who was reading the scroll of Isaiah on this trip. Inspite of his position, this eunuch faced the alienation on the basis of his colour, creed and nationality. From outside he holds a position yet from inside he was crushed out. God understood his struggle and inspired Philip to join the Ethiopian at his chariot. 
God wants us to become the channels of peace and dialogue, where we sit together to sort out the differences that divide us. Here we see how Philip intervenes to explain the portion from the book of Isaiah and brings out the revelation of Christ. Through which the Ethiopian is able to receive Jesus Christ as his personal saviour and later we see that Philip baptises him and how this Ethiopian went rejoicing back to his nations as a Christ’s missionary. In our life we also meet people who are totally lost and depressed, God wants us to share the light of Gospel in their life . May the Good Lord help us to do so.

As we enter into a New Financial year, let us strengthen the bond of fellowship through active participation in the prayer meetings and worship services. Also, I would like to congratulate the lay leaders who had been elected by God for executing and leading us in year 2024-25, especially the Office Bearers, Kaisthana Samithi, Prayer Group Representatives, Parish Organisation Representatives. Let us humbly continue to pray for Gods guidance, Heap and blessings on our church activities. May the good Lord bless you all.

With love and Prayers

Binu Achen.

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