Vicars Message

My beloved St. Thomas family members,

Greetings in the name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ! Recently I heard a video clipping regarding the subject “Satisfaction” by Dr. B. K. Vishnu  Nambudiri in one of the Social Media. I think it’s very useful to lead a meaningful satisfied life. According to this talk, today people are facing dis-satisfaction in their day to day life. People have everything, but lacking the main chemistry of happiness in their life. We need four hormones in our body.

First hormone is called Endorphins. This hormone is emerging during the time of exercise. Mainly walking is important in exercise. We have to walk four or five kilometres daily. Our works won’t help to create this hormone because works for daily bread won’t give any mental freeness in our life. Another thing for
this hormone is laughing. Give a smile at near and dear ones or known persons which will reduce our tension. Through exercise and laughing our brain will release this hormone and we become satisfaction in our life. 

Second hormone is Dopamine. We cannot buy this hormone. Dopamine decreases due to non-acceptance in family or society. Do not degrade or disregard any one in front of others. We even criticise others if they make a small mistake. Acceptance and regards are not simply coming to us but it has to give to others as give and take respect. Encouragement appreciation in family, society and Parish will create this hormone.

Serotonin is another hormone for a satisfied life. Eating Banana is good for emerging this hormone. But it has to release from brain. We need to do something for others then naturally this hormone will come.

Oxytocin is another hormone for a pleasant and satisfied life. For releasing this from brain we have to stand with the others. Children need their mother’s nearness to grow healthy. Even in all ages our parents nearness will be a great help for a happy life. We feel secured in their presence. We should be good to others and stand with the like minded people.

In conclusion we can say that Meditation and medicine have equal importance in our day today life for a satisfied and healthy life. The month of October is very important in our Parish calendar. Our Annual convention and Family Sunday are very important programmes on 21st to 25th October, 2019. This year Rev. Abraham Thomas, Vicar, Port Blair Mar Thoma Church, Andamans will be our preacher based on the theme “Parish: A healing Community”. Kindly make use of this opportunity to hear the word of God and family dedication.

Rev. P.C. James, Vicar, Thambaram Mar Thoma church is with us from 01st to 16th October. Last year also we sponsored the unprivileged children for education from the mission fields of our Diocese. Kindly give an opportunity from the mission field to get education like your children. May our God surely see your valuable contribution and bless your generation.

I need your whole hearted support and prayers for the fruitful Parish ministries.

Yours lovingly
Jiji Achen

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