Vicars Message

Dearly Beloved in Christ,

I am very happy to greet you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

I strongly believe that God has given an opportunity to me for having fellowship with you all for the forthcoming three years. If God allows, I am planning to be there on 02nd May 2019. One of the abbreviations of the unique word “TEAM” which goes like this “Together Each One Achieves More”. Hope the ministry in Kuwait will be a team work which will reveal the Glory of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

One of the Legends about Michelangelo- the great painter was that, he had a brush in one hand and a candle on the other to prevent his shadow from covering his masterpiece in progress. That’s the kind of attitude we should adopt if we are serious about wanting to display the masterpiece of God’s glory on the canvas of our lives. Unfortunately, we tend to live in a way that draws attention to ourselves—our cars, clothes, careers, position, cleverness and success. And when life is all about us, it’s hard for people to see Jesus in us. Jesus saved us to be reflections of His glory (Rom. 8:29), but when we live for ourselves, our shadow gets cast on the canvas of His presence in us.

Recently I read one small booklet about the memories of our great Late Metropolitan Dr. Yuhanon Mar Thoma written by Mr. Abraham Eapen, Palambadam, Kottayam. Dr. K. P. S. Menon was the classmate of the Yuhanon Mar Thoma Metropolitan at Madras Christian College. After their education ,they lived in different realm of life; therefore they met at last years of their life. Dr. K.P.S. Menon was always very much regarded about the humble and simple life of our Late Metropolitan. He was also very much fond of Thirumen’s pure sense of humour. In one occasion ,Thirumeni asked a humoristic question to Dr. K P S Menon about the most effected heart disease of a human being. When K P S became late in giving answer to Thirumeni’s question, Thirumeni himself answered that the heart disease to a human being is the ‘lack of love in heart’. Thirumeni suggest that a peaceful life comes through a simple life. Life becomes complicated and tensed through our luxurious life. We have to decide and limit our life when our needs are fulfilled; not our greed.

In conclusion let us be the witness of Jesus through our words and deeds and fulfil His mission on this earth. We should lead a peaceful and happy life by leading a simple life. Let us have a loveable and sincere heart thereby abstain from all heart diseases which kills us and others.

May God bless us all Yours in His service

Rev.Jiji Mathew

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