Vicars Message

Beloved in Christ,

Once the British army made a military expedition to an island in the Pacific Ocean. Due to bad weather conditions the vessel couldn’t reach the shore on the expected time. Their stock of food and water were already depleted. When they finally reached the shore the exhausted soldiers spotted an orange vendor. They grabbed the heap of orange kept in front of him for sale and ate it at one go. When the vendor asked for money the soldiers threatened him and paid him nothing. The annoyed seller of oranges made a tall platform with the empty packing boxes, climbed over it and cried aloud “Be a British”. The soldiers got extremely ashamed and instantly paid him the price of the oranges they consumed.

 This incident is very much relevant to us today. People around us would caution us to “Be a Christian” ,finding that  we live a life  in contradiction with that of  Christ Jesus. Our words and deeds do not go together. According Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, former President of India, Christians are ordinary people with extra ordinary claims. What is our testimony before people of other faiths? Do they believe us? Do we keep our words? Don’t preach what you don’t practise.

Karimbil Cheriachen has been a model, people of his time looked at with respect for his integrity and honesty in business. No buyer of his merchandise would ever recheck the quality or quantity over what was once certified by Cheriachen. That was the depth of faith people had in his integrity. Let us live the Word of God than preach it.

Christmas carol rounds, Christmas carol service, Christmas worship service, First communion to 16 children and Watch Night services were conducted in a meaningful way. Rt. Rev. Dr. Mathews Mar Makarios, our Diocesan Episcopa, Rev. Johnson Mathew, Administrator St. Thomas Hospital, Kattanam and Rev. K. Shibu, Vicar, Kuwait St. James Mar Thoma Church lead the various services.  I appreciate the parishioners and the convenors and choir leaders in particular, in making our Christmas programmes and various services a wonderful experience.

We have just entered in to the New Year 2020, the third decade of the 21st century. Conscious efforts should be made to make the year a meaningful one to each one of us. We have to refurbish our life with good decisions. Family prayers should be done morning and evening every day without fail.  Personal devotion is also very essential in our life. Keep apart some money every month for evangelistic and charity work. We need to support the less privileged in and outside the parish. Martin Luther King puts it very lucidly like whatever we possess for ourselves we will lose and whatever we dispossess for others’ sake we will gain.

May God bless you all to live according His will in the year 2020.Wishing you a Happy New Year.

Yours lovingly

Jiji achen

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