Vicars Message

Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ,

‘Moses-an epic retold’ was a one-hour drama staged by our Sunday school children during the Sunday school annual day. God made Moses a Hebrew slave of Egypt to become a Prince of Egypt and deliverer his own people from bondage. After 80 years of training at the Egyptian palace and the desert of Midian, God sent him to deliver His own people from the slavery of the Egyptian Pharaohs. Another 40 years of wilderness experience with the people of God was really an epic to be conveyed to our future generations. God used Moses, a man slow of speech and tongue, to become a great leader in the history of Israel.

“Marubhoomiyile Maramon” held from January 20th to 24th was really a blessing for those who attended it. It was an occasion for the Marthomites in Kuwait to come together for fellowship and it also gave us good memories of our Maramon convention held every year at the shores of the Pampa River. Our Diocesan Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Mathews Mar Makarios Episcopa Thirumeni gave 5 powerful messages on the theme “Discipleship as Mission”. Some of our parish members regularly attended it.Convention choir was another attraction. A few of our parish members also could join the choir.

The month of February is an important month for our church and parish. 125th Maramon Convention begins on February 9th and the great lent season starts from Feb 23rd.Both are important occasions for our church.Parish Fest (February 07th) and the General Body (February 21st) for electing a new Kaisthanasamithi are the important events for our Parish in particular. Parish Fest commemorates the offering of the people of God the first fruit from their cultivation, cattles,sheep and everything that God blessed them with. We are also expected to give God our best and the maximum. Our celebrations will be complete only when we share our resources with those who are under privileged like poor cancer patients, kidney patients and the one evangelist who has no house. Also, I appeal to the Parish members to elect a team which is God fearing and faithful for serving the parish and church in the coming year.

Once a small boy was watching a painter painting an old building. He saw the painter scraping off the old paint from the wall and washing the surface thoroughly and then painting it afresh. The boy asked the painter in curiosity, “Uncle, why are you removing the old paint, taking so much time and effort. Why don’t you paint on the old surface as well? “.The painter replied that if the old paint was not removed first, it would cause the new paint also to fall off. Lent helps us to remove our old behaviour and attitudes and receive new ones.

May God make this month’s Services and programmes a truly fruitful and blessed one.

Yours lovingly
Jiji Achen

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