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St Thomas Mar Thoma Church
Best Parish Award 2014

Our Parish, Salmiya St. Thomas MTC,

is honored with the 'Best Parish Award-2014'

by the Mar Thoma Syrian Church of Malabar, Delhi Diocese

for the commendable ministry rendered during 2013-14


Vijayanagaram Project

Please click the links to download

Vijayanagaram Flyer


Vicar's Message - September 2014

Message from our Vicar

for the month of September 2014

Worship Schedule September 2014

Worship Schedule

for the Month of September 2014

Teenage - With Difference


Our Parish has organised a motivational session for students from classes 9 to 12 on Thursday,
2nd and Friday, 3rd October. Mr. Bansan Thomas George will be the leader for the session.
The time schedule will be intimated later.
All parents are requested to enroll their children for this session.



Vision: To bring out the passion and determination of every student towards solving the society's 

pressing problems, by bringing out and enhancing the talents in them.

To build healthy relationships, to face the world with better perspective and approach.

To lead them and guide them to choose their best career.


Context: This interactive workshop will assist students to discover their passion and purpose (and know

why they are different), identify the work they are ought to do, extensive career management strategies

and be encouraged to undertake a social impact challenge to bring out their inbound leadership

potential and also to face the challenges upholding moral values.




St Thomas Mar Thoma Church - Kuwait Messenger

for the Month of September 2014

Sunday School 2014


Revised Dates - effective 28 Sep 2014

1.  Bible Reading and Story Telling- 17 October 2014
2.  Memory Verse Competition -  31 October 2014
3.  Music English & Malayalam - 07 November 2014
4.  World Sunday School Day - 14 November 2014
Please click below link to download the revised competition details:



Sunday School Regular Timing
Every Friday 2:30 pm to 4: 30 pm
Head Master