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Brothers and Sisters in Christ, When do we say a commodity is good? While the intention of its production gets fulfilled we…

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ST-THOMAS CENTRE  FRIDAY August 23rd @ 7:30 AM  Holy Qurbana - Malayalam

NECK-HOP  TUESDAY August 27th  @ 7:30 PM  Holy Qurbana-Malayalam

Sunday School Fridays 2.00 to 4.30 PM | Edavaka Mission Saturdays 7.00 PM
Junior Choir Thursdays 6.00 to 7.30 PM | Senior Choir Thursdays 7.30 to 9.30 PM

Sevika Sanghom Saturdays 5.15 PM 
Yuvajana Sakhyam 1st Friday after Service & 3rd Monday Cottage Prayer



By day the Lord directs his love, at night his song is with me — a prayer to the God of my life.—Psalm 42:8

I have always loved music. To this day, songs help unlock the part of me that is most yielded to God. It helps me declare my love for him and my praise to him. But as the psalmist says, at night, especially on those nights when sleep is hard to come by, his song is with me.


Thomas said to him, “My Lord and my God!” (John 20:28)


Saint Thomas Christians believe that Thomas the Apostle arrived in Kerala around AD 52. He landed at Muziris (near Cochin on the Malabar Coast). The Jews and a few of the Wise Men, who had been to Bethlehem to worship Jesus listened to his preaching and became followers of Jesus of Nazareth.It is believed that he organized 7 Christian communities for the use of these Christians, and ordained presbyters from four leading families.


In this distant land, my soul shall thirst and my tongue shall praise, Jesus, my Lord and Savior King, who from the dead was raised! And we His chosen people shall sing, with songs that never cease, And tell, of His unending love, His comfort, and His gift of peace! Looking back, we’ve come a long way. A long way from our homes in the tropical south of India; and a long way, when considering our journey as a church in the State of Kuwait.

St Thomas Mar Thoma Church

The history of this ancient Church during 4th to 15th centuries reveals the fact that it was in friendly relations with the Church in Persia. There is a tradition that a group of 400 immigrants from Persia arrived in Malabar in AD 345 under the leadership of a merchant named Thomas of Cana, known as Knaye Thommen. Mention is made also of another immigration from Persia in the year AD 825 under the leadership of a Persian merchant named Marwan Sabriso with two Bishops named Mar Sapro and Mar Prodh. They landed in Quilon. King Cheraman Perumal gave them land and extended to them special privileges, inscribed on two sets of Copper Plates (in Malayalam “Chepped”). Three of these are still in the Old Seminary in Kottayam and two are at the Mar Thoma Church Head Quarters, Tiruvalla. The Portuguese started settling in India with the coming of Vasco De Gama in AD 1498.

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Yuvajana Sakhyam-Cottage Prayer

2019-08-18 01:48:47

St Thomas Mar ThomaYuvajana Sakhyam cottage prayer is scheduled at…

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Obituary - Thomas Chacko | Public Viewing @ Sabah Mortuary & Funeral Service @ Kumbazha

2019-08-11 04:32:42

This is to inform you that the mortal remains of…

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Condolences | Thomas Chacko (Thankachan-64)

2019-08-09 05:01:37

It is with deep sorrow we inform you the sad…

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Prayer Request |

2019-08-06 09:06:40

Dear All Thomas Chacko (Thankachayen ) Eden prayer group ,…

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Strength of St Thomas Mar Thoma Church, Kuwait










Messengers issues by the Church

August 2019

Issue No 8Vol XIII

July 2019

Issue No 7Vol XIII

June 2019

Issue No 6Vol XIII

May 2019

Issue No 5Vol XIII

Rev Jiji Mathew

Rev Jiji Mathew Home Parish⇒ Kollaka St.Thomas Marthoma Church, Karunagappally

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Rev. Sunny Thomas

Rev Sunny Thomas  Parents⇒ Mr. & Mrs.  Home Parish⇒ Chennamkerry St.Pauls Mar Thoma Parish Degree⇒ BSc, School⇒ Govt. High School,  College⇒ St Thomas College Kozhenchery

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Rev.Thomas Koshy Panachamoottil

Rev Thomas Koshy Panachamoottil  Parents⇒ Mr. & Mrs.  Home Parish⇒ Pazhavangadikara Immanuel Mar Thoma Parish Degree⇒ BSc, School⇒ Govt. High School,  College⇒ St Thomas College Kozhenchery…

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Rev. Sunil Joy

Rev Sunil Joy Parents⇒ Mr. & Mrs.  Home Parish⇒ Chengamanadu Immanuel Mar Thoma Parish Degree⇒  School⇒  College⇒ Mar Gregorios College , Kottarakkara

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Rev Bobby Mathew

Bobby Mathew Achen is a renowned Bible scholar and noted convention speaker. Achen has held many prestigious posts in Marthma Sabha including Chaplain to the Metropolitan and as a faculty of the Faridabad Dharmajyothi Vidyapeed and Kompady Bible Institute, Thiruvalla. Bobby achen has worked as principals of…

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Recent Events Updates from the Church

Yuvajana Sakhyam-Cottage Prayer

2019-08-21-19:00:00 Residence | Rejo Mathew

Yuvajana Sakhyam Cottage Prayer is scheduled today(August 21st 7 PM) at  the residence of…


Holy Communion Service - Malayalam

2019-08-20-19:30:00 NECK-HOP

Holy Communion Service - Malayalam Our Vicar Rev. Jiji Mathew will be the Celebrant of…


Holy Communion Service - Malayalam

2019-08-16-07:30:00 St Thomas Centre

Holy Communion Service - Malayalam Rev. Jiji Mathew will be the Celebrant of Holy Qurbana…